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What you might see

v838 Monocerotis light echo

Sombrero Galaxy

Be amazed in the Fiordland Stardome - the only one of it's kind in New Zealand

Be amazed by this fully immersive guided presentation. The portable stardome is the latest in digital technology and the first of it's kind in New Zealand.


The Stardome

Our portable, full dome, digital planetarium -
the first example of its type in New Zealand - represents the latest in digital technology.

Join your host on a journey of discovery as you are guided through the universe in an immersive, interactive experience. This is a live presentation giving you the chance to ask questions as you are guided through the infinite vastness of space. Group size is generally limited to around 20 keeping it personal but if you have a larger group please don't hesitate to call as the stardome can seat more. See Stardome hire for more information.

The show begins with a voyage through time itself where we focus on the universe at large learning about galaxies, deep space objects and meeting the occupants of our own solar system. This is followed by the 'sky tonight' where we learn about the unique southern sky with a New Zealand and Maori focus emphasizing points of interest visible in the evening at the time of your visit. Constellations, planets and deep space objects are brought to life in our 360º digital theatre. All this and so much more while stretching out and relaxing in our fully padded star loungers.

Wheelchair access is possible. Once inside though you would need to be seated using the low seats or lying down. Please advise on booking if you will be requiring assistance.

This is an immmersive, live, interactive experience suitable for the whole family.

...and there are no sandflies either!!